June 28, 2011

Second Chances.

I think I want to change into something else... I need a new "storefront." The BF and I were talking last night about storefronts and how some people shop at J.Crew because it is clean and simple yet they are still known as high-end. Others shop at Abercrombie because it's loud and showstopping, and people know it to be trendy and affordable. So, if you are thinking that you don't need a storefront since you don't sell anything- You are COMPLETELY wrong. Your storefront is what you present about yourself to the world. Now, I kinda feel as though I have a half-and-half storefront in many ways. I AM trying to sell something - jewelry so I do need a storefront- [EXCITINGLY ENOUGH, I AM GETTING A NEW blog page DESIGNED] but I also need a "me." My story. I will let you all know throughout the week more about WHO I am. (old country song popped in my head- I am Rosemary's granddaughter... spitting image of my father.... ) 
At the same time of all this, I am the combination of 2 styles-- I want to create my own. It is colorful and bold like Kate Spade yet subtle and eclectic like Anthropologie. Revist THIS post if you need more visual thoughts or just liked the post so much you want to go back and look. It's ok- do it! 
So... who are you? Think about it. If you need inspiration check out this page. 

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