June 22, 2011


This little girl in the image has my hair! My room was NOT that cool- I had light blue walls with turquoise splatter paint. In the early 90s- that was cool. Notice how the decorator used a large euro pillow on the twin bed. That is the perfect size for comfortableness.

Lime green walls and white bedding- perfect. I love the art above the bed- it doesn't match with anything in the room and that is what makes it so perfect. Also, notice the flowers- I would never think to add flowers to a kids room. Great idea!

Pink, pink, pink... it is what you would expect. However, it is so many different shades of pink, like salmon and red that it looks fabulous.

Blue is my favorite! And it isn't for a boy, love love love! I will make sure that lighted tree goes into every kids room.

Got twins? Pink, blue, yellow... and even the gold accents match the yellow bedding. My heart melts. Somehow they even make a pile of stuffed animals look great!
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