I am a girl in law school in desperate need of a creative outlet- too much analysis of words and ideologies. Good thing I have a love of all things pretty and unique. I live in the South and will never admit my Southern roots run deeper than I thought and everyday, I surprise myself. So I hope to give you southern ideas with big city chicness. I dream of living a life where I can change the world, cook for the people I love, and make beautiful accessories.

When I was still getting Scholastic order forms in the 2nd and 3rd grade, my mom ordered a beading loom. I started beading... fast forrrrward... I crafted and always liked art projects. I spent so much time and money trying to teach myself to paint, until finally, during college I found my local bead store and fell in love. Making jewelry is fun way for me to be creative while also getting to use tools I found enjoying when crafting. 

I have one more year of law school to finish up, and then... I guess you'll have to keep reading my blog to find out what happens next. 
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