November 11, 2011


[image: Alfred Eisenstaedt]


For all the photograph lovers out there, this one's for you. These rooms have used photography to make a statement wall in their homes. It makes everything feel cozy and looks great. Statement walls make your home "you."  Especially when they are photographs of your family and friends or even just things you love. 

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November 10, 2011

Gift it DIY.

Great idea if you can take a photo of a fun trip you had with your friends and impose it onto a candle holder, a drinking tumbler, or even a mirrored trinket box, a mirror with a pretty frame as art work.

Absolutely adorable. Sadly these 'old school' lightbulbs are not going to be prevalent soon enough. Stock up now and turn it into art on a napkin ring!!! This really is so easy. Light bulb, screwdriver or chisel, and glue onto a napkin ring.

Linen towels with paint! EASY EASY and so gorg! I may try this with monograms for the aunts and cousins. It'd even be cute to stencil hearts across the bottom border or anything you could stamp as well! Package them up in a basket or inside Tupperware. 

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November 8, 2011

I am so excited to be on In Honor of Design author, Anna Liesemeyer's Fan Page today. If my readers are not her readers, you better hurry, because you are missing out! Check out my feature on the page and then quickly jump on over to In Honor of Design and follow her now

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It is a 24 hour coffee drinking kind-a-day. Whew!;  dislocated finger [still, and can't see an ortho till tomorrow-OUCHIES!], call with bad news, broke a mirror while sitting near it, broke a ceiling fan making the bed, posted a flyer with the wrong event on the wrong day. Maybe all this clumsiness and poor luck will make me work really hard in school to take the focus off everything else.  
Itsa really good thing I found Cinnamon Dolce Coffee Creamer!!! Mmmm.... 

[source: samanthakay]

November 7, 2011

Dumb Blonde.

Some of you may know, but I am pretty spontaneous, pretty adventurous, and pretty "dumb." The dumbness is because of the combination of spontaneous and adventurous. A quick recap of my weekend... I was playing in a kickball tournament yesterday, I wanted to win, so I threw the ball and then tripped on the pitchers mound and I ended up going face first after the ball--- and landing on my pinky finger. It then became quite dislocated and really disgusting looking. I will bear you all the disgust by NOT posting the picture [I wouldn't even look at my own hand]. Well, then while I was at Walgreens getting my pain med prescription filled [just really strong Aleve- don't worry!], I came across a Feria highlighting kit, WHY NOT!? I am on Lortab, I have a splint on my right hand, and just must highlight my hair! So I bought it, and I am going to try it this week. 
Have any of you attempted to do this?! If so, I'd like all the advice you can give!!! 


November 5, 2011

If the next time you see me I am 20 pounds heavier... this is why.

[I made these via this recipe]

November 4, 2011

Art I Love.

Enjoy this artistry today... and be inspired by your the art you find today. :) Have a great weekend. 

Go Big Orange.

In honor of this coming weekend and HOPEFULLY a real win from the University of Tennessee Volunteers vs. Middle TN State University tomorrow, I decided that orange should be given some glory it deserves. In east Tennessee orange gets muddled into being ONLY used to represent Vol Fever... I have a feeling in the rest of the world it is just a beautiful color-- here is proof:
Thank you dear Kate Spade. Thank you. 

Pastel orange is still orange to a man- it  is really not peach or sorbet, I promise.

Somehow an entire bed in orange is NOT too much when Anthropologie gets their hands on it.

Sorry Florida Gator fans... this is NOT for you.

Jonathan Adler, you amaze me. Hermes, you make me happy.

Inviting and also probably very Feng Shui. 

Fit for a king. Orange = royalty in Knoxville, TN. hehe.

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November 3, 2011

New Tumblr.

I have started another "blog"... only this time it is really about jewelry... and other accessories. AND it is a tumblr. So you all should check it out and let me know what you think! I'd also love to have readers post onto this blog too, so if that is something you would be interested in reading/looking, let me know! --> click the button on the right of the screen OR click any of these images to see the site.


November 2, 2011

Baby, I Like Your Chairs.

I am not usually all that "in" to putting nurseries all over my blog, as I do not have a child nor plan to have one in anytime coming within the next 10 years. However, this nursery is far superior to any baby-ish nursery you will find at Toys R Us (IF that is even where you buy nursery "equipment." Again, no clue, never done this. 
Anywho! Imagine this were your bedroom- and instead of crib it became a king bed, with pillows instead of monkeys (unless you just really like stuffed animals on your bed). I would also kill to have 6 of those chairs made for me to put up against a rustic gray, slab-of-wood for a dining table on black tile floors. 
Or maybe next to a white modern sofa in a living room with deep brown wooden floors.... Alright, you get the idea, but I could seriously go on for days about where I would put those heavenly chairs.  In fact, I might even take a nursery right now IF it came with those chairs (instead of the baby).

[I am going to find out where these chairs came from and update you later.]


November 1, 2011

Fall into Pastels.

Summer has drifted away... but that doesn't mean it's colors have to! The last image is a Fall one, but these great colors all still come from that photo. Regardless of whether it is Fall, Summer, Winter, or Spring, the sky is always light blue, the sun is always yellow, snow is white, and pink is well, just the best color in the universe-always. I can't wait till fashion is pastels year-round. 

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