June 20, 2011


Like that? I made up a word. Interneting. Anyway... I've noticed that you all are missing out on my other inspiration sites that have so so so many more beautiful photos... over there on the right side of the screen >>> you can click on the "Pinterest" "Facebook" "Tumblr" and "Twitter". Let me tell you what to expect so you can start with what you'll like the most.

Pinterest is a website that allows you to literally pin any picture on the internet into a board and it holds your image for you- forever. It also marks the website you pinned it from so you can link back to it in an instant. Pretty cool- I know!!!  This is the website I post from every Saturday, since I pin so much every day it is like a slot machine as to what the last seven images will be on Saturday mornings.

Facebook, of course you all know, will give you more photos of my jewelry, but it also will have promotions and special updates. I also post "action" shots on the new pieces I am working on. It is also a really easy way to share me with your friends- if you want to.

Tumblr is a photo blog site that works similar to Pinterest except that you can post words and quotes and videos and links, etc. Anything and everything- I'd like to begin hosting a video blog on there once a week about how to make jewelry or DIY projects. Stay tuned!!

And Twitter- my favorite! This is just a list of random thoughts and interactions with my favorite people ALL OVER THE WORLD... I literally can communicate my thoughts to Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift- so join Twitter yourself so you can share your thoughts too! I want to hear them!!!!

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