September 14, 2011

Career Hunt. Obviously.

Wouldn't it be fun to own a bakery that looked like this...

and that baked cakes that looked like this...

sources unknown. I'm so sorry.

September 12, 2011

In the Mode.

I feel like I am in wedding mode since I have 3 weddings this Fall. One down, two to go. It is a good thing that I love weddings so much. I have even considered wedding planning and catering since I love love love to cook, love to shop, love to make crafts, love to plan events and love to love. It really would be the perfect job for me. Maybe I could do divorces on the side... jk. The only bad thing... no Saturdays off. Good thing I don't like football that much. And I wouldn't have to wake up before 9am... hopefully ever. 

This dress is so pretty, but it is also pretty casual so it needed a barn and country floral cupcakes. Also, that linen towel over on the left, yea that's the invitation. LOVE IT!! 

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September 11, 2011


Coolest invention ever alert. A locket that is pretty, but wait and it has a great function. A USB locket. It is a little pricey, but its real gold. I can sense a computer crash coming on from my lil ol' Acer laptop so I have been backing up like a mad woman. This could be a new necessity, huh Dear?


September 1, 2011

Time Flies When...

It has been too long since my last post, obviously by now, you have all decided that I care more about law school than keeping my lovies (readers) entertained. Well, that is so not true! I just care more about not wasting my last year in law school by failing out. So in honor of the missed time, I bring to you, my favorite clocks...

By now you can figure out that I like antique clocks. Yep, I do! And why so much? Well, let's say your clock is just 50 years old... we won't even imagine the ones from Europe that are 100s of years old. Anyway, think of all the people who relied on that clock to do all the great things in their lives. Ah, it makes my heart happy. Our lives function on clocks. They are important and very special. I <3 clocks. [make that into a t-shirt New York!]

and YES, these clocks may be protected by patents, trade secrets, international law, and subject to a divorce proceeding with a lien. (muhaha, I am so close to being a lawyer. I even blog like one.)

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