June 6, 2011

Black is the New Black.

Black doors are sexy. I really think that the typical door color needs to be black. Too often we let CONSTRUCTION COMPANY owners choose the design and colors of our home- that doesn't even make sense. Pick your own colors!

The best way to make a color pop is to lay it on top of black. That is exactly what this beautiful bathroom has done.
(short for gorgeous)

We all know that when it is time to glam ourselves up that we need to put on a LBD (little black dress), well why not add a "little black dress" to a bedroom to make it glammed-up? One accent wall behind the bed will make the room more glamorous.

Most people want their entry way to be colorful and bright so it will welcome their guests and themselves into the home. CHANGE OF PLANS... black makes this entryway more warm and inviting. Makes me want to enter and curl up on the sofa with a fuzzy blanket.

I WILL have this exact replica of the entire bathroom in my home one day. A fireplace? A flat screen? A black  floor? Yes, please!

Have amazing books? Why not show them off with a black bookcase or built in... it is a must
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