June 30, 2011


I know you guys are starting to think the only place I visit online is anthropologie.com, but it isn't true!! THIS will be the last Anthro for a while- I promise. I just have to share with you what is actually out there....
PIER 1 vs. ANTHROPOLOGIE. I have found nearly the exact same products at each store without even trying too hard.
Can you guess which one is from each store??? Answers will be posted tomorrow so check back, and NO cheating.

June 29, 2011

The House I Promised to Show You.

So yeah, this is THE house. This is an iPhone photo so it isn't great, but it is painted a light creamy yellow- like the top. I am drawn to the rectangular windows with columns and then the pretty arches over on the right. The door stands out- thank you for that. I think all houses should have stand-out-doors. 


Would my friend kill me if I gave this to her as a wedding gift. The Jonathan Adler futura-asterisk-vase is so cute to me. It looks like something you would get at your wedding and then in 15 years from now tell your kids, as you pull it out from the cabinet, "ohhh that was a gift at my wedding!" I know wedding registries make sense and are very helpful to the buyer and the receiver... I just don't like them. I hate them. Not because someone tells me what to buy, not because you have to roam aimlessly with a gun and scan things (bc that's the fun part!) and not because the recipient has unlimited access to return the item and receive cash in lieu of the gift you took time out of your day to go pick up. I just don't like the thought of having a collection of things that other people bought for me without any thought behind it. Man-made designs and creations are soo precious and I love to see what someone saw and thought "Samantha would like that" or "she really will need this because I needed it one time." If you can't think of something I need or you think I would like, then I probably don't need/want it- save the time and money and tell me how much you care instead... anyway.... I love this vase!!!

June 28, 2011

Second Chances.

I think I want to change into something else... I need a new "storefront." The BF and I were talking last night about storefronts and how some people shop at J.Crew because it is clean and simple yet they are still known as high-end. Others shop at Abercrombie because it's loud and showstopping, and people know it to be trendy and affordable. So, if you are thinking that you don't need a storefront since you don't sell anything- You are COMPLETELY wrong. Your storefront is what you present about yourself to the world. Now, I kinda feel as though I have a half-and-half storefront in many ways. I AM trying to sell something - jewelry so I do need a storefront- [EXCITINGLY ENOUGH, I AM GETTING A NEW blog page DESIGNED] but I also need a "me." My story. I will let you all know throughout the week more about WHO I am. (old country song popped in my head- I am Rosemary's granddaughter... spitting image of my father.... ) 
At the same time of all this, I am the combination of 2 styles-- I want to create my own. It is colorful and bold like Kate Spade yet subtle and eclectic like Anthropologie. Revist THIS post if you need more visual thoughts or just liked the post so much you want to go back and look. It's ok- do it! 
So... who are you? Think about it. If you need inspiration check out this page. 

Outfit Pairings.

I found some beautiful outfits at Banana Republic. I love their Summer collection right now and I can't stop looking at everything- helps that I work there though! Ha!

June 27, 2011

Are You Happy With Your Dinnerware?

I'm not! As my former roomie will know- my dishes, although from Williams-Sonoma, keep chipping and cracking apart down the center. They also get extremely hot in the microwave so that I can't even touch the dish the entire time I eat. However, the heat keeps the food warmer longer- not enough positives to make up for the negatives. So this is what I have put together for my next set... 

Crate and Barrel - on sale and super adorable. Milk AND mimosas would be delicious out of these! 
C and B again. These are just pretty and organic looking- to go along with these beautiful dishes.... 
Zgallerie and Anthropologie. Super modern and shiny combined with soft and colorful nature print. Design  combos like this are heard to beat !! 

June 25, 2011

Last 7 Pinterest Saturday.

I have about 600 pins now- and that is my plan for today... to pin all day long! Let me know if you want to join. Also, I will have exciting news for everyone in a week or so. Great things are coming!! 
Great Fall shoes for me... keep my toes warm but nothing too boot-like and BLUE. Everything in my Fall wardrobe is going to be blue, cream, and pink. Thank you Banana Republic! 
So.. if my jewelry keeps going well I am going to venture into the handbag making business. I Love to make them. In college I would sit in my living room and sew make-up bags- Thank you Megan and Laura for not kicking me out! 

Great Great Great Great Great Great floors- amazing details on the wall with molding, and then add a plate of glass as the shower enclosure- this is stunning and I want it, now!! 

I am pretty much drawn to bright pink at the moment- hence the wardrobe being pink and blue and cream. I will have to show you all the ugly pillow I bought from Pier 1 the other day... its not ugly per se, but it will need some help to pull it off. Then it will be gorgeous. Stay tuned for it tomorrow!! 
Great photog composition. I will be doing a photo shoot with a friend of mine in the next week or so, can't wait! So I have been trying to get ideas of compositions. Any suggestions?

PINK again, I am truly sorry if you hate pink. I love the fur on the chairs and the eclectic nature of the shelving decor. So nice.
The outside of my dream home... well 'ish. I will post a photo of the exact outside of my dream home tomorrow along with that great Pier 1 pillow. I drive by it every time I head home on Mud Island in Memphis, TN. Can't wait to show you all!!

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June 24, 2011


Pink IS elegant. Proof is right here... 
That artwork is incredible to me. If you can zoom in you will see the technicalities in it. Each block is overlapping in a random way from another- probably difficult to do. 

"Glamorous."- Fergie. Marble, black, and fuchsia flowers. 

Without the pillows, this wouldn't work as well to add a fuchsia blanket- so nice touch. The gold trimmed antique sofa makes it so elegant

This is my absolute favorite room- if I haven't shown you all before then I don't know what I was thinking!!!  It has  modern art, mid century modern chair, silver accents, natural wood, black and white walls. Then JUST the right touch of fuchsia. Perrrrrfect to me. 

Teeny-tiny fuchsia accents to the kitchen- so unexpected yet so beautiful. 

Pillows and artwork. Everything else is white, blue, or silver. The art make the room and the pillows make the art make the room. Yeah, figure that one out. 

Check out that rug! Loving it and the comfort level of the pillows and curtains [larger and softer flowing than your average curtain] seem to invite me to take a seat. No, wait, maybe that is the fireplace

Please buy that bench for me... someone? And the end chairs while your at it? Black, white, fuchsia- not much is better.

This dining room is SCREAMING elegant sophistication to me.  I really like how the chairs are the same color as the giant piece of art- but because they are so ornate and detailed they stand out. This is what I love about textures, materials, and color. 
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June 22, 2011

Oo La La.

Florals are the greatest print ever, in my opinion. Let's wear florals on our nails? Ok!!!

There is NO way I could paint that into my nails. I promise you I will try. LC can do it because she gets to pay an artist to try. Boo.
Might be able to pull off this look... preciously beautiful. I love nails and being a girl! 


This little girl in the image has my hair! My room was NOT that cool- I had light blue walls with turquoise splatter paint. In the early 90s- that was cool. Notice how the decorator used a large euro pillow on the twin bed. That is the perfect size for comfortableness.

Lime green walls and white bedding- perfect. I love the art above the bed- it doesn't match with anything in the room and that is what makes it so perfect. Also, notice the flowers- I would never think to add flowers to a kids room. Great idea!

Pink, pink, pink... it is what you would expect. However, it is so many different shades of pink, like salmon and red that it looks fabulous.

Blue is my favorite! And it isn't for a boy, love love love! I will make sure that lighted tree goes into every kids room.

Got twins? Pink, blue, yellow... and even the gold accents match the yellow bedding. My heart melts. Somehow they even make a pile of stuffed animals look great!
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Technical Difficulties.

I have a great post lined up about kids rooms... blogger is NOT cooperating with me though. Photos will not load onto the actual post. Hmm...

June 21, 2011

Colors. Colors.

I wish I could easily share with you all my color inspiration collection. Because I love colors and textures and materials so much, the images I find with beautiful colors are always of items and patterns, etc. They are absolutely stunning- to me. So here are some that I think inspire tranquility. ahh...
Soon, I will be growing these succulents in my home. Everywhere

This must be frost during sunset or sunrise, because I've never seen frost this beautiful before. Oh wow, a jewelry collection inspired by frost. Love it. 

I love to eat them, now I love to look at them. 

More of my favorite plant? flower? cactus? what are these guys? 

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