June 25, 2011

Last 7 Pinterest Saturday.

I have about 600 pins now- and that is my plan for today... to pin all day long! Let me know if you want to join. Also, I will have exciting news for everyone in a week or so. Great things are coming!! 
Great Fall shoes for me... keep my toes warm but nothing too boot-like and BLUE. Everything in my Fall wardrobe is going to be blue, cream, and pink. Thank you Banana Republic! 
So.. if my jewelry keeps going well I am going to venture into the handbag making business. I Love to make them. In college I would sit in my living room and sew make-up bags- Thank you Megan and Laura for not kicking me out! 

Great Great Great Great Great Great floors- amazing details on the wall with molding, and then add a plate of glass as the shower enclosure- this is stunning and I want it, now!! 

I am pretty much drawn to bright pink at the moment- hence the wardrobe being pink and blue and cream. I will have to show you all the ugly pillow I bought from Pier 1 the other day... its not ugly per se, but it will need some help to pull it off. Then it will be gorgeous. Stay tuned for it tomorrow!! 
Great photog composition. I will be doing a photo shoot with a friend of mine in the next week or so, can't wait! So I have been trying to get ideas of compositions. Any suggestions?

PINK again, I am truly sorry if you hate pink. I love the fur on the chairs and the eclectic nature of the shelving decor. So nice.
The outside of my dream home... well 'ish. I will post a photo of the exact outside of my dream home tomorrow along with that great Pier 1 pillow. I drive by it every time I head home on Mud Island in Memphis, TN. Can't wait to show you all!!

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  1. You take such lovely photos I cant wait to see what you come up with in your shoot! You handbags sound like they will be amazing too. Enjoying your blog, I am following, hope you will too, Pearl x



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