June 27, 2011

Are You Happy With Your Dinnerware?

I'm not! As my former roomie will know- my dishes, although from Williams-Sonoma, keep chipping and cracking apart down the center. They also get extremely hot in the microwave so that I can't even touch the dish the entire time I eat. However, the heat keeps the food warmer longer- not enough positives to make up for the negatives. So this is what I have put together for my next set... 

Crate and Barrel - on sale and super adorable. Milk AND mimosas would be delicious out of these! 
C and B again. These are just pretty and organic looking- to go along with these beautiful dishes.... 
Zgallerie and Anthropologie. Super modern and shiny combined with soft and colorful nature print. Design  combos like this are heard to beat !! 


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  2. Random side note for you... If your dinnerware is too hot to touch when it comes out of the microwave, that means it's probably not microwave-safe (and if they're chipping and cracking, that's probably why). I love the stuff you've picked out for your next set though! :)

  3. I had no idea Alex! Thanks for the info--- guess I def need to get rid of them.


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