June 16, 2011

Jewelry to Know and Love.

Fellow Tennessean, Becca Belz, has beautiful taste and makes fantastic jewelry. I heard about her and her designs through a friend in my law school class, and she was a part of my inspiration to make my passion into a potential career. As you can see here, she has done the same. I think the best part of her jewelry is that it is the perfect type to wear with everyday casual outfits, but the same piece also looks incredibly awesome when dressing up. You can see more of her pieces on her facebook page. The best news is that Anthropologie has picked up some of her pieces!!! Congrats girl- you inspire me. Can't wait to meet you back in Memphis sometime!
The chains she uses are so pretty on their own, it was so smart to feature them.

I would wear these every single day. Love.

The colorrrrrs... the texturrrrre... adore

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