June 20, 2011

Kate Spade vs. Anthropologie

It is always so hard for me to pick one style- that is NORMAL. Even though, it is ok, I still wish I could have one style, because I feel like it would make like easier since shopping could be done in a snap. Oh well...  do you all like Anthropologie or Kate Spade better... in other words do you like a lot of colors working well together in small amounts or do you like a few bright and bold colors?  I can't decide either... 
Old world charm. Antique details and unique ideas in muted colors. 

This is wallpaper!!! A feature wall in the living room with a white sofa and bright pillows- that's my style. 

Soft white texture with beautiful pastel prints. This is basically what my bedroom looks like now. Add some tan and gold.  Yup, that's my room

Gorgeous floral art used as a notebook. I can't imagine how beautiful these would look stacked along with other books in a shelf.
Water-colored art, antique rugs, ornate wood fireplace, distressed tables, leather sofas- I want to live in this room. 
Whimsical, colorful, and bold.

Pink, black, white. Crisp and whimsy. Ahhhhh!!! 

Bright pink, with a bold print, and black. Catching the theme of the "Kate Spade" style? It's the boldness of the patterns that I love

Word of this style, Bold. Bold and large green and white stripes contrasted with a bright pink towel. Simple, and it still makes a statement.

Floral and striped 'thank you' cards. I think I will order these. I want to decorate some part of my new apartment with bold flowers and stripes thanks to this stationary.
Colors galore. Like a rainbow on the floor [my sad attempt at a rhyme.] 

[sources: ginger-ella.tumblr.com, katespade.com, anthropologie.com]
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