June 4, 2011

Last 7 Pinterest Saturdays.

I have a slight obsession with Pinterest.com. (If anybody would like an invite- send me your email address). Pinterest is a website that allows you to "pin" photos from anywhere- I get most of mine from websites, but you can even upload them straight from your computer. Then you can organize them into boards. The greatest part of it is that you can see every image that other people pin as well. So, I have decided that every Saturday I will post on my blog, the last 6 pins I have had! I can't promise the images will make sense or tell any kind of story, but I can promise some interesting inspirations! Enjoy!

[Sources: Flickr via Angie Draeger, Viva Full House via Bryn Dunn, Spoki.lv via Love of Fair, Oh Dee Doh via Jami Graham, Made By Girl via Molly Webb, Calypso-Celle via Kendi Everyday]

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