June 24, 2011


Pink IS elegant. Proof is right here... 
That artwork is incredible to me. If you can zoom in you will see the technicalities in it. Each block is overlapping in a random way from another- probably difficult to do. 

"Glamorous."- Fergie. Marble, black, and fuchsia flowers. 

Without the pillows, this wouldn't work as well to add a fuchsia blanket- so nice touch. The gold trimmed antique sofa makes it so elegant

This is my absolute favorite room- if I haven't shown you all before then I don't know what I was thinking!!!  It has  modern art, mid century modern chair, silver accents, natural wood, black and white walls. Then JUST the right touch of fuchsia. Perrrrrfect to me. 

Teeny-tiny fuchsia accents to the kitchen- so unexpected yet so beautiful. 

Pillows and artwork. Everything else is white, blue, or silver. The art make the room and the pillows make the art make the room. Yeah, figure that one out. 

Check out that rug! Loving it and the comfort level of the pillows and curtains [larger and softer flowing than your average curtain] seem to invite me to take a seat. No, wait, maybe that is the fireplace

Please buy that bench for me... someone? And the end chairs while your at it? Black, white, fuchsia- not much is better.

This dining room is SCREAMING elegant sophistication to me.  I really like how the chairs are the same color as the giant piece of art- but because they are so ornate and detailed they stand out. This is what I love about textures, materials, and color. 
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