April 22, 2011

Stop the Worrying.

I found an amazing jewelry company based out of California. Dogeared. Their concept is that jewelry has a reason or a story. Right now, I have been thinking about Mother's Day... yes, Mom! I am in the middle of finals and STILL thinking about you. :) [she will appreciate that, as my biggest reader] I love this necklace. So if I find some extra cash it will be yours, mom.
And the worry beads--> my mom, ahem, used to give me worry dolls when I was little. This is the next best thing! A fashionable way to remind yourself not to worry- for each bead you rub it, think of a worry, and then let it go. I could use about ten of these bracelets now for finals.

"People use worry beads when they are fretting about something so they have an outlet for their nervous energy. Not to worry beads work for that, too, but you can also just wear them for fun, mixed, matched, or stacked! It's pretty hard to worry wearing something this cute..."

April 17, 2011

Living in the Library.

This week I will be spending all my time at school, in the library, or at my desk. Finals are approaching. Good thing: the semester is almost over. Bad thing: finals are approaching. I think having a library in your home is always a good thing, and much more enjoyable when it includes all your favorite books and magazines (mine will include more magazines than books, unless the boyfriend keeps his stuff in it too, he has a billion books and I have a billion magazines). Anyway, I would much rather live in the home that has a library like these photos than live in the library at my school which is the opposite of these photos; polyester covered chairs, laminate tables, greenish carpet, law books only, and plastic window blinds.
[all images via domino magazine]

To Fill My Closet.

The only good thing about Summer jobs = Summer wardrobe! I cut the heads off the models or find pictures without their faces so I can imagine what I, me, and myself would feel like in the outfit. Because, when I see a pretty girl wearing the clothes my mind tells me the clothes will make me pretty. Uh, only if I have a team of Photoshop technicians, hairstylists, and makeup artists. Enjoy.
[photo credit: Anthropologie, J.Crew, unknown]

April 16, 2011

Palette Inspiration.

I love colors and textures. I know fruit may not seem that glamorous, but it actually is! I try to find colors I like from everyday things. Um.. I don't eat fruit everyday- unhealthy alert! If my fruit looked anything like this, maybe I would. Stunning and very inspirational photos can be found here.

April 15, 2011

Floral Palette.

My roommate and I have been swooning over these flowers for-like-ever now. They are perfectly beautiful. And the best thing we have come up with is that they work for a spring or summer wedding and they work for a fall wedding! And they work in my future living room. ha. No wedding for me.

April 14, 2011

For Me.

The stress of school is getting bigger... this is what I daydream about to get rid of the federal rules of evidence, the stop and frisks, and the classifications of collateral. Except wait, classification... I could organize my closet, if I had this one, by classification of colors! and styles! and shoes! I am doing better already.

April 13, 2011

Easy Art.

Don't judge! The difficulty of this art is NOT what you think. Images in this screen are easier than they appear.
Newspaper, old books, any paper source with small print, and you could even hand-write it yourself. But we want easy, so newspaper is going to work best. Then find a white or black frame, with either white or black paper cut to size of the frame. All you have to do is cut uniform sized and shaped hearts from the newspaper (I would probably fold the newspaper as many times as I could still manage to cut through. If the second batch comes out uneven from the first, just don't place those hearts next to each other OR if they are way off then intermix them). Whew. Hard part over! Glue the hearts on, but notice here that they are all folded in half and glued different. Half of the heart on the right or left are glued down on random spots and some hearts are completely sealed onto the paper, so do that! Don't forget to leave ONE little gap for a red/pink Sharpie heart. This is where the artist in you really comes out, because you have to actually draw the heart. Okay okay, if you find a pink sticker of a heart I think that would be alright to use.
Now, the second one should be even easier since you have the hard part over with. Just cut about 3-4 sheets of newspaper at one time in a larger heart- no worrying about matching sizes here. Then, fold the hearts down the middle, glue the first heart completely to the back paper, glue the second paper only on one side, and glue the next 1-2 sheets with only one line of glue down then fold. Viola!
And now, your completed project would look IN-cred-I-ble in this office space. Creating this might prove to be a little more challenging than my previous disclaimer forewarned, oops. But we love it anyway.

April 12, 2011

Cute boots.

I needed my rain boots yesterday. Total downpour at the exact moment I was forced to walk outside. I don't own a pair, but I think this picture inspires me to find a yellow pair, or any pair that match my home so they can sit out all the time as decor.

April 11, 2011

Speaking of Lamps.

While we are on the topic of lamps from the last post, it made me remember my favorite lamp. I really like chandeliers, but my style doesn't usually mesh well with a sparkling crystal light fixture, so pendant lights are totally my thing! This one ups the cool factor because it can be installed as a hanging pendant or as a sconce. Anthropologie sells them in different styles and sizes, too.
[photos from Anthropologie.com and LuxeandLillies.blogspot.com]

April 9, 2011

I found the lamp.

Hydrangea Lamp.
Only $649. Only. The only thing is that I am still a student here people! gah!

April 8, 2011

Honeysuckle vs. Blue Curaco

The word on the street... er... E! News and InStyle Magazine and Elle and Vogue and you get the idea, Honeysuckle is the new color of the season. I, on the other hand, really like the Blue Curaco. What do you think?
Chanel Blue Curaco Nail Polish [photo]
A home with "Blue Curaco", dreamy. Can someone find this lamp for me- I love it! [photo]
Honeysuckle! I love the name. It sounds a lot prettier than 'bright pink' or 'fuchsia.' [photo]
Honeysuckle on a dresser, which is actually chalk paint. Clever. Although, I usually don't have trouble remembering which drawer holds what, it is still a cute idea. [photo]A bathroom with BOTH colors. If I like them both, why not use them both?! [photo]

April 7, 2011


This image makes me yearn for a sandy coastline, soft crashing waves, a striped beach towel, and a magazine. I think I may foresee a new bathroom in my future getting a whitewashed, striped rug, and wildflower induced makeover.

Life IS Funny.

So I can't stop myself. I love showing off artistic people. I stumbled upon this etsy.com graphic designer using the google image search by typing in this specific quote I liked, along with the words etsy and print. Then I realized the creator is an East Tennessee gal and I had to share it. Not to mention that I just really like this quote and it about sums up my life in a perfect little nutshell: keep studying, keep studying, keep studying, and don't settle for an average grade. Psh!
Enjoy "The Living Room Floor": Chattanooga Graphic Designer

April 6, 2011


Victoria Hudgins, an event stylist, freelance designer and online DIY editor first attracted me with her great blog, but now she, along with a ton of other contributors, have created their first edition of an online magazine, Styled. The magazine is a good source for inspiring party ideas! They have included everything from cocktail recipes and how to make them look pretty to birthday party decorations for kids and adult parties. If nothing else, the photography is incredible. Check it out:
Who knew a lemon could be so pretty. I think I see table decorations for a summer picnic!! Summer, will you please hurry up? thanks.
So easy, so pretty. This idea seems to be as simple as pink streamers cut and folded over, then double-sided taped to the wall. Print out happy birthday in a scripted, large font, cut out, and glue it to some FAN-cy ribbon. Checkered table cloth or fabric and a great cake with carnations. Only 9 months until my birthday, but it is my bestest friend's birthday month....

April 5, 2011

Set A Place For Me.

My habit of online shopping led me to find out that one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie, has created a Tabletop design tool which lets you play with their dishes to find a set that you like OR as I have done, create cool designs. I only had a couple minutes to play around with it, so here are my masterpieces- not! But you get the idea! Anthropologie Tabletop Design Tool.
[anthropologie's artful creation]

[my attempt at an artful creation]

[I'd have breakfast here.]

Maybe now when I go to their online store I can find myself playing with this instead of adding more and more items into my virtual shopping cart; it's stuffed!

April 4, 2011

So Sweet.

I stumbled upon the cutest home accessories in all of Etsy last night. I wanted to share.Etsy Seller: OldNewAgain. I especially fell in love when I read the story behind the store;

"We are a husband and wife team supporting our family with our goods! It all started in January 2009. Rick was unexpectedly laid off of his very good job of 11 years. What was a very difficult time turned into something wonderful! "

So sweet.

Love for Rugs.

A warm, cozy bedroom that I designed inspired by the "love" print I found. I found a rug similar to the one posted below for my bedroom with my dear friend, Tara, at a Pottery Barn closing sale! I didn't realize potbarn ever closed their stores, but I was so glad they did. This rug below is also from potbarn. Must be a new trend.
My potbarn rug:

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