June 14, 2011


An entryway is probably a forgotten piece in the home, even though it is the first thing that invites you into your own home every single day- unless you don't leave your house everyday, but I guess that's ok. ;) Be inspired by some of my oldie, but goodie entryways. Make your entryway treat you well, so you can smile every time you enter your home!!
The windows and the blue door. I can't imagine anything more happy to say "Honey, I'm hoooome!"

Sometimes you don't want clutter greeting you at the front door- understandable. But it can still be chic

Ladies- glam glam glam. The pinks and taupes and florals say "you're beautiful!" when you get home.  

Another happy, yet sophisticated entrance. Thanks Jonathan Adler for always being so great at making homes lovely. 

'Hello, welcome to your relaxed home. You like to be romantic and I make you feel like lighting candles and reading a book.' 

Fun times are in this home! Wwwatch out! It had to have taken a lot of work to make this look so good. I want that table  now

Notice the tile customized to fit the carpeting/rug. I think an artist lives here- the graphics, the bold colors- yess. All it needs is an easel with a paint palette to start screaming "BE CREATIVE" when the owner walks in the door. 
[sources: so old that I can't remember where, but I am guessing: apartmenttherapy.com and dominomag.com and Martha Stewart]

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  1. I am dying for that mirror in the first picture. Gorgeous!


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