August 25, 2011

I'm So Blue.

I'm so obsessed with blue. It could be that I've gone back to law school and the reading assignments are already piling up, or that I had to move away from my lover-dude for another year... now, I do believe color choices reflect your mood, but I don't think my desire for blue right now has any relation to my back-to-school-depression [especially since this year I actually get to take classes that are interesting to me- the reason for going to law school in the first place!]. Blue is just a beautiful color, a happy color, and as the images below will demonstrate-an elegant color! Light, dark, neon, it doesn't matter because every shade is gorgeous. 
That artwork is something I am going to strive to create this year. It is my new hobby/stress relief. Source

I really like how this space is neutral-ish and then they used just a little bit of large items in complete blue to make it stand out. Source.

I have been in love with this place setting since the day I saw it. I have never found anything to even start to look similar. Sad. Source.

The elegant;y vintage chic blue room. I can just imagine a poet or writer going to bed at night here by candle-light. SOO jealous of that writer and all those candle lights. Wait- I bet some old man lives here. Wasted Space if he does! Source.

Bright blue done right. (unknown source)

August 24, 2011

Laced Up Wedges.

I normally don't dive head first into trends... I usually let others put their toes in first and then I complain about the temperature for a while, test it again, and then when its right, I jump all in. Uh, some new trend has caught my eye and I am diving in this one immediately. No waters tested... wedged boy lace loafers!!!! LOVE THEM, these are Steve Maddens:

What do ya think? They'd be adorable with black tights/leggings, skirts, and cardigans. Love love love. Plus, finally, designers figured out that WOMEN LIKE WEDGES!! 

I am welcoming Fall this year more than I ever have before. Thank you Steve Madden.

August 22, 2011

Tu-Tu Much Fun.

A fun weekend was had, just in time to go back to school today. I HAVE to share these hilarious photos with you. Meagan, your mom is amazing for making these for us. I hung my green tulle skirt in my coat closet so that every time I get ready to leave my apartment, I see it and smile.
After the Katy Perry Concert... Bachelorette Party!!! Love our tu-tus??
That's me, over there on the far right... yea, the one with the hiked up tu-tu. I didn't know how to wear it. I've never worn tu-tus before!! Oh, and it is true, my friends are beautiful. 
You don't see this everyday. 

August 19, 2011

So Thirsty.

The Bachelorette party is tomorrow! I am so excited to celebrate the end of one of my best friend's single life forever! We are going to the Katy Perry concert in Nashville. I am in charge of bringing a champagne punch - BUT what punch should I bring?!
Peach Lemonade Sangria? 

Martha Stewart's Champagne Punch?

Emeril Lagasse's Champagne Punch?

I know... tough life. My biggest worry right now is what kind of alcohol to drink!
Back to law school in 4 days... eek. 

August 17, 2011

To get a pup or to not get a pup... that is the question. I think I finally gave up on the idea of getting one. They are a lot of work and I think I'll wait till I have a yard. I'm not fond of puppy walks in the winter.


August 16, 2011

Exciting News.

Have you ever fallen in love with Samantha Kay Jewelry, but wanted to look at it in person to make sure you like the size of it and so you can try it on. Well, you're in luck. Chic in Knoxville on Kingston Pike next to Spirited Art / the old Wok Hay is now carrying SKJewelry!!
This boutique has AWESOMELY CUTE stuff and I am excited to send my customers there to purchase their jewelry.
Here is a little preview of the set-up and some of Chic's pretty things...
That's SKJ, in the bowl. Love it! 
You HAVE to visit Chic's facebook page here and see her cute clothing. This is one of my favorite tops- although that was a hard decision bc everything is adorable:

August 15, 2011

Back to Reality.

So before I actually jump back into reality, I am going to recount for my trip. Beach, books, relaxation, driving and family. It was fun. Now on to Bachelorette parties at Katy Perry concerts and my last year of law school- all while making jewelry and attending 3 weddings! Fun fun fun!!! 
Random surfer, but AWESOME photo.
Jellyfish on shore. I think these creatures are incredible and beautiful.
Underneath the Pier in Juno Beach. I risked the waters with my iPhone for this shot


The Siblings.

The ladies. Oh man, hair in South FL just doesn't work the same as it does in TN.

Almost the whole family. We think we are still missing half. But it's still nice to get a lot together for a shot. Left to right: Aunt Linda, Uncle Rocky, Aunt Janie, Mom Billie, Sister Chrissy, Cousin Jimmy, Cousin Eric, Granma Katy, Cousin Donna, Cousin Quinn, Cousin Daniela, Cousin Jason, Kids Brandon and Kayleigh... ME- yea in the bottom corner because I had to run from the camera. Oh and I was barefoot. Oops! 
Notice that THIS pier is the same one from the photo below in my last post. Well, it is but it isn't. They built a new one  recently and this is the new one but it is in the same area. I love it! 

August 9, 2011

Be sure to check out my tumblr page for a photo blog of my trip!!!
The link is to the right!

August 6, 2011


I am headed south, to west palm beach. Family time and blonder hair. Love it!
These will be the exact things I shall see for a week. If anybody has a great book suggestion I'd love to hear it.

Have a GREAT week!!! See you later.

[sources: and]

August 4, 2011

Clean 'em.

I always read blog. Something caught my eye the other day that I thought I should share, and it has nothing to do with hair tutorials or what brush to use. IT IS ABOUT BACTERIA and GERMS!
"Dear everyone,
It’s the weekend. We hope you’re going to be doing something fun and exciting. Know what’s not fun and exciting? The fact that bacteria collects on the surface of your phone while in your purse. That bacteria makes it’s way to your face and causes blackheads, blemishes + sometimes full breakouts. It’s like rubbing your face in the bottom of your handbag! Ew. Interestingly, skin care experts + dermatologists can usually tell which side you use most when talking on the phone. Take a quick minute to wipe it down with a dab rubbing alcohol on a cloth! It will kill the bacteria and save you a lot of time in the long run!
XO Lauren, Kristin + Amy Nadine"

I was really good about doing this- I take a Lysol wipe and clean my phone and ear-buds for the iPod. Now I just get too busy to even think about it. I MUST remember from now on. I leave my phone everywhere. I sit it in the shopping cart seat, in car seats and consoles, it sits on counters at the bank, etc. Then it goes straight to my face all day long. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! 

August 3, 2011

I HATE Kitchens.

Yes, it's true. I get angry at the thought of kitchen decor because it is always so ugly. I don't hate kitchens because of their purpose- I absolutely love to cook and bake. I just think that when people design kitchens they assume it should look like a kitchen. Uh, no. It is part of your home and it should be decorated like your home. Why make hard seats and stark colored cabinets and counter-tops? In order for me to tag a kitchen it pretty much has to be spectacular. Here are a few awesome ones... 

I have always thought this was the best kitchen in the world. It is so homey. 

If I had to buy a kitchen right now, this is probably what I would pick. 

Perfectly rustic and chic. Mom, you need this kitchen. :) 

Quirky and fun. LOVE IT! 

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