June 29, 2011


Would my friend kill me if I gave this to her as a wedding gift. The Jonathan Adler futura-asterisk-vase is so cute to me. It looks like something you would get at your wedding and then in 15 years from now tell your kids, as you pull it out from the cabinet, "ohhh that was a gift at my wedding!" I know wedding registries make sense and are very helpful to the buyer and the receiver... I just don't like them. I hate them. Not because someone tells me what to buy, not because you have to roam aimlessly with a gun and scan things (bc that's the fun part!) and not because the recipient has unlimited access to return the item and receive cash in lieu of the gift you took time out of your day to go pick up. I just don't like the thought of having a collection of things that other people bought for me without any thought behind it. Man-made designs and creations are soo precious and I love to see what someone saw and thought "Samantha would like that" or "she really will need this because I needed it one time." If you can't think of something I need or you think I would like, then I probably don't need/want it- save the time and money and tell me how much you care instead... anyway.... I love this vase!!!

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  1. This Vase is gorgeous! I'm looking for it everywhere in Australia but no luck! Do you know if you can still find it? There is one online store that charged almost $60 just to ship it to Melbourne :-(


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