May 31, 2011

Clean White. Dirty Sofa.

I love white sofas. I think they make any room spectacular, but only for the first month or two of owning them. Then they turn into a mess. I have seen so many friends who have white sofas complain about how dirty they become so fast. Well, I am posing the question, what color sofa is the best alternative to create a blank canvas to add lots of colors? If not, does anyone have a suggestion on how to clean the white sofas??? These are beautiful rooms thanks to the white sofas. I just can't imagine any other color looking as great.  

[sources:FeastofMySoul, MyDesignInc, Domino, unknown]


I have been missing in action- not in Miami airport, haha- MIA. I had one of those pesky broken computer issues for the past few days. It is getting better, and I am getting better at using the iPad. Anti-Apple is me. Might need to break that bad habit soon. :) But I am back in business.
[source: ThisisGlamorous]

May 28, 2011

Zig zag my life away.

I have been job hunting for what seems like a long time now, and I haven't been able to secure anything since I am only here for the Summer. Since when did people quit getting summer jobs?! Well, this pattern is how my life feels right now- all over the place AND SO HOT! Kidding, kidding. 

May 27, 2011

May 26, 2011

Had to share fast.

Mm, Mmm, good! Anybody want to attempt to make this canvas for me? Thanks in advance. 
[source: MarcusDesign]


The skies are gray today, not quite rainy nor stormy. They are just gray. So I felt like this would be the most appropriate post to make you feel what I see. Only the rooms are much more beautiful to me than the ugly gray sky. And just to let you all know... I had to google how to spell gray. Is it grey or gray?! In America, it is grAy and in England it is grEy. There! I had a grammar lesson for you! 

[sources: SarahKlassen, Metropolitan Home Magazine, HabituallyChic, DailyImprint]

May 25, 2011


Stunning art. I love the simplicity of this artwork because it shows off the amazing colors. This fellow blogger is a fantastic artist and you can find out more about her and buy her art at her website here  (Cocoa and Hearts) and her blog here (Made by Girl).

May 24, 2011

Chair Envy.

Iron chairs in the dining room and NOT just outdoors- yes please! I would have to guess they could be easily found at antique stores and second hand stores. Recovering the seat cushion is easy, so don't let it stop you. And then paint paint paint if you want the look of the lower picture. Oh I can't wait to find some iron chairs. If I do- I will definitely post the before and afters. 

May 23, 2011

Art for Dinner.

These are soo pretty and inspiring for me that I couldn't deprive you of them for even a second. When your dishes are this beautiful, it makes cooking a meal worthy of their presence a challenge! It's a good thing I enjoy cooking. My only hesitation... they are melamine. Does anybody know much about this material? Will it work for every day dinnerware?!
[Source: WEST ELM]

My Castle.

I am sticking with the bathroom theme for a little while. Anthropologie has some of the best home accessories. Usually they are affordable, but sometimes they can be very pricey. From my experience, regardless of the price you will end up with a high quality item. Here, I have picked out the items I would love for a bathroom with a white rug and white shower curtain and taupe walls. It could make me feel like I was stepping into a Moroccan or African castle. Nice.
[source: all images via Anthropologie]

May 21, 2011


Do you start to feel relaxed just by looking at these tubs? I certainly do! I like to take baths more than I like to shower... the new apartment will not have a bathtub- only a shower. I can't imagine what I will do!!! Maybe ten minutes in any one of these and I will get my bath fix for a while. At least, I would hope so. These are spectacular! 
[source: Dress,Design, Decor,HouseBeautiful, TwoEllie]

May 20, 2011

Color Vote.

HELP! Please help me pick out the chic-est color palette? What do ya think?! 
[sources: thebeautydept, padgettehoke, thisisglamorous]

Peacock Gone Wild.

When I was living in Florida, I was down the street from a family who owned peacocks that would roam around in the street. I secretly hoped they would be in the road when I went by, because if you could scare them with your car then they would open up their feathers and it was as beautiful as these... minus Nicki Minaj. I love her rap- I do not love her hair, but I had to show it. 

Andara Peacock Druzy Ring from Max and Chloe

Matthew Williamson Peacock Feathered Skirt via InStyle

May 19, 2011

Advanced Dreaming.

One of my close friends and I were discussing weddings today and it inspired me to share my favorites with you all. Although the cake here is pictured in purple... I think a blue would be spectacular too. I cannot remember where I stumbled upon this beautiful wedding gown, but it is made by an Australian designer, Collette Dinnigan. I will do whatever it takes to have a dress that has this same design/texture on top. The hair may seem a little wacko, but I think it is beautiful. Add in some flowers via this post. However, it is quite possible that I could change my mind about seventeen million times before ever needing to begin planning this day, so until then, I hope it inspires you some how. If you make a cake like this texture of lace and ruffles and flowers, pllllease send me a picture!!

May 18, 2011

"Tie-Dye" For.

Lately, I cannot get enough tie-dye. I want to try my stab at it, because in my entire life, I have never tie-dyed anything. This woman, Shabd has created these stunning fabrics by hand and then creates the clothing as well. Check it all out at
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