June 18, 2011

Last 7 Pinterest Saturdays.

Alright, I'll confess, I really like white and teal. There, you know my secret. The chairs' wood frames with contemporary style coordinate perfectly to me with the rustic wood table stand. Modern art pulls this eclectic style together! 

Cream. Honeysuckle. Baby Blue. Even her nails are light pink. Perfect outfit for a luncheon. 

Lace shorrrrrrrttttttsssssssss. To-die-for outfit. The navy and denim are the perfect match for lace shorts- it is like wearing a lace top with jeans- just flipped upside down. My goal is wear a clutch with a day outfit this summer. 

The texture of the grass in the background make this old pink bicycle look smooth and new again. Flowers make everything  prettier

VELVET BLUE CHAIRS WITH SILVER PULLS... I CANT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!!!!!  Loving the candlesticks too- twisted silver- and tall. 

I like the editing of this photo. They have played with the lighting and exposure, its darker and has a green/blue tone to it. Cute for piano players, to frame and place on their piano. 

Not sure WHAT this girl is doing- fixing her bracelet? yea. Staring at a wall? yea. Posing for the camera? no.
She is pretty, though.
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