July 23, 2011

Last 7 Pinterest Saturday.

Happy Birthday Matthew! It's the boyfriend's birthday today... so I will be making brown sugar french toast, Reese's peanut butter individual cheesecake and making sure he feels special today. Then I'm off to MEMPHIS to move, again. Thankfully I have movers for 2 hours or else I think I would pass out the in Memphis heat. I'll try to take pictures of my masterpieces of cheesecake and post them soon. I might not be able to post until Tuesday or Wednesday but I will make-up for it. :) 

And now... my favorite blogging day of the week. Pinterest pins! 
The striped pillows and butterfly wall decor are my favorite parts of this room, but that is probably because everything else is white and cream. So they are the only parts that stand out. Although, the designer must have picked enough texture and shape to keep it interesting since this room is gorgeous.

Kendi never fails. This outfit is beautiful. I am going to take this idea into Fall... uh yea you heard me. I am planning to wear white pants past Labor Day! Oh and those are her Target shoes that are the best Target shoes in the world. 

Must - have - this - necklace. 

I actually really like this image because I want to try to paint a large canvas with this print and in these colors. Design Seeds is a fantastic website for picking out paint colors. Just pick one you like- then print the colors out that are displayed at the bottom and match the paint at the store to it. 

Green flowers. Yes! Also I love the handles on this bar stand. 

Ok, don't twist my arm or anything, I will decorate my closet to look just like this. The new apartment I am moving to  is a studio and the closet is bigger than the kitchen. So I think I will enjoy being in there. ha, so I better start decorating. 

These earrings are inspiration for my new collection of jewelry. Be excited. :) 

Hope your weekend is amazing. I will let you know how the baking and moving goes!

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  1. This is such a lovely inspiration board! I´ve just discovered your blog via Jessie´s Mix and Chic, and I HAD to become your new follower :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    xx Ivana

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower- found you from Mix & Chic. I love the earrings that you're using as your inspiration for your new collection! From the looks of those it's going to be gorgeous! I'm so hoping to win the giveaway on Jessie's blog! :)

  3. The cheesecake sounds amazing. Yummy. Your bf should be a happy camper. Hope your move goes smoothly, Samantha!

    P.S. Came via Jessie's blog. So glad, because you have a lovely blog. (new follower). :)

  4. Came over from Mix and Chic...love your jewelry...so pretty!

  5. Pinterest is my favorite...I am SO hooked on it !



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