July 3, 2011

Last 7 Pinterest Saturday.

It IS a little past Saturday so we need to call this The Last 7 Pinterest "Sunday." Too bad! Enjoy it any way.
I cannot eat these, but that does not mean I wouldn't make them. Mmm and ooh- pretty! 

This is a Home Depot DIY. So easy and so pretty! If somebody wants a career in selling mirrors--- have at it!!! 

The amazing abstract and pastel art is definitely in a little girls bedroom, but I would put it in my room---- little girl at heart. <3 

An art piece I found that I love. I want to find a perfect abstract, bright, and multi-colored piece of art. At a reasonable/low price! 

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Stunning... gorgeous.... perfect..... beautiful.... VINTAGE 1925 Tiffany & Company engagement ring with black onyx. I can't imagine anything better. I also can't say it would look good on my hand, but wow it is pretty. I was born in the wrong time period. 

I wish this were me in the photo. I want a comfy couch to lay on with 2 fluffy dogs. Smiling really big right now. 

If I get to take a girls' beach trip this summer then I am going to make them pose with me. . . I have lots of pictures from my amazing weekend with the girls THIS weekend. I will show you soon!! 
[sources: pinterest]

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