July 18, 2011

Art I Love.

Cy Twombly is an American artist that very sadly, died on July 5th of this year. He is known for his "romantic symbolism" and I absolutely love everything single thing he has ever made. My favorites are below. I feel like in this region of the US that art and true artistry is a dying skill- but I want to bring it back to life. It must be Knoxville. Nobody here seems to care too much for actual art- the area seems to be admirers of the craft industry. It must be the Appalachian ancestry and heritage in the Smoky Mountains that keeps us from appreciating painters and such. If I am ever successful enough to have lots of extra cash to spend, then I would definitely open an art gallery in downtown Knoxville, TN so that people could come display their art. My dad and grandmother would appreciate it- if nobody else!
Enjoy these beautiful piece of works:

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