July 7, 2011

BFF Weekend.

I had one of the best 4th of July weekends ever this year-- why? One of my best friends got engaged on the day she came to TN for the Taylor Swift concert- where our seats happened to be basically on the stage, and then along with our other BFFs, we celebrated all weekend. 
The happy couple- Brittany and Andy. My mock-up pose of what Andy looked like. Then we took the new fiance to get a shellac manicure. (Shellac is the best thing ever- it has been days and it still looks like I just walked out of the salon with a fresh manicure!
Next we booted up and headed to see Taylor Swift! (That is Amber, my other best friend, on the right.)
Best concert- she was sick and still sounded amazing. Oh and... I am sick right now too. Coincidence? No- bc she held my hand that night. jk! 
Alright, so after Taylor Swift held all of our hands for a moment and rocked our boots off (literally bc we were so hot in them we had to take them off) we had to celebrate the engagement with a girls night... ???... it was so fun though!

So... to make a long story short- I was with Brittany one day probably 4 years ago when this man (the rose selling man in Knoxville) walked up to her, handed her a free rose, and then told her that if God were a woman then she would be a red-head. Ba-haha. So, it was fate that we ran into him on her celebration night. I love this picture since he covered his face with the roses. 

Now... we had to take Brittany back to her fiance in Asheville, NC where he was camping before their trek back to Jacksonville, FL. It is one of the trendiest cities that I have been to in a long time. I cannot believe that Asheville, NC is only 90 minutes away and I have been missing out on its coolness. Gah.
AS SOON AS WE STEPPED FOOT INTO THE CITY, Tara's (our other BFF) shoe broke!!! Yup, so that should explain the next 3 photos... especially the bottom one where she is the one walking barefoot in the street. heehee. 
I felt like there were about 5 or 6 wig shops in Asheville and I see why! How fun is this?! Apparently Rolling Stone magazine named Asheville the coolest city in the US at some point in time. Pretty cool. 

Everywhere you go, there is something interesting and artistic. I LOVED it. 
Vintage, antique shopping!! I shoulda been born in the 1920s. Oh well.... I still get to look!

 We ate at a restaurant called LAB (Lexington Avenue Brewery). I don't think the beer is the only thing bringing people in... LOOK AT THIS FOOD!

Street performers were everywhere... no clue what purpose this lady had, she was supposed to be a statue. 
 Then there was the screaming nun-man on a tall bike. Odd. He made us laugh though!

And, just for Matthew, the BF... I am going to make him go to Asheville and I can shop while he rock climbs! Oh, why does Knoxville not have this in their downtown shopping district?! 
Thank you to everyone that made my weekend such a blast! I love you.

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  1. woah! Looks like you guys had a fun filled weekend. Oh and I had a similar experience with the sandals, that happened to me too. And ever since I've been packing an extra pair of sandals just in case that happens again. =)


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