July 16, 2011

Last 7 Pinterest Saturday.

The most perfect casual outfit. Neutral colors, statement necklace, and comfortable. Love love love. 

This outfit has JCrew written all over it. It is very well textured and colored. Ruffles, knit and velvet--- let's make my entire home look like this please!? 

I own a skirt really similar to this one... so I pinned this image to try to find a top in that style. This is such a Samantha outfit. 

Black and white. Jazz it up with sequins and satin. So classy. 

Soon, I hope I can design jewelry as spectacular as this ring. Reminds me of pine cones and rapids in a river. 

Pastel art or Neon art? I can never choose! This pastel really spoke to me with the rainbow edging on the flowers. 

Blue subway tiles are so pretty with the white wood cabinets. I am also really loving the navy and cream towels and copper hanging pots. CUTE! 
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