July 20, 2011

How Doya Hang Your Curtains?

I have always been a neutral curtain hanger. So last year I bought beautiful yellow and grey Ikat print curtains- loved them for a week and then I hated them, tremendously. The fabric was great, the colors were beautiful. I just couldn't stand looking at the print on my walls for so long. Weird. Which brings me to these rooms...  which curtain choice do you think is the best?
Plain jane. This is the exact color of the curtains I have now- after the Ikat experiment I bought plain tan curtains and I have loved them ever since. This room is not boring at all, but has plain curtains. It is so me. 

Animal print curtains. It works so well in this room. In fact, they make the room. 

The print here is subtle but adds a lot to the room. 

This room has the plain curtains but a beautiful tapestry up on the wall. I think this is what I need to add to my plain jane room. Then I could easily change it out if I ended up not liking it in a week. 

Gorgeous!! Electric purple. It works in here really well. Viola!  

Maybe curtains are not your thing... bamboo shades! I have people come to Pier 1 and ask for these ALL THE TIME! We don't carry any. sad. 

I wish this were my room and I wish I had those curtains. Enough said. I am going to make sure I have a blue couch one day. Ahhh. 

Plain jane again, BUT these are much darker and the curtain rods make a statement. So smart. I am going to add giant curtain rods to my room. 

So nice. This room makes me smile. This is the style that I wish I had. Love the stripes and purple flowers. It was so creative to add a curtain when there wasn't even a window or need for it. Just to make the room pretty.

Nobody needs brightly colored curtains when their sofa is this amazing. BUT they still made a statement with the curtains in the way they hang and their texture. I think this was a great choice. 

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  1. I actually believe we do carry bamboo shades.

  2. Love these pictures - I'm always looking for more inspirational photos for window treatments. Love those black and white curtains in the bathroom! (Just found your blog through MixandChic.com by the way - love your jewellery!)


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