July 7, 2011

Have a Seat. Stay a While.

Sofas are overrated. Get an awesome chair- they are cheaper, smaller so they can be moved to any room at any time, and they look so much better... don't believe me? Look....
Okay, so the sofa is pretty cool, BUT this chair is so much more awesome. And I know this post is about chairs, but don't miss that fireplace! Love

Well, this chair makes me want to sit there. It looks so comfy and bright. 

Beautiful chair in a beautiful room- I bet the sofa is beige and boring. Jk. 

This chair adds another layer of fabric and print to the room which makes the whole room come together as an eclectic blue and funky space. It just wouldn't be the same if that chair were brown. 

This chair is so beautiful that it doesn't need a room to look good. Put it ANYWHERE. 

It would have been so tempting to add a plain black chair to this rocker room, but no, they went with feminine blue floral and it makes the room MORE rocker chic! So smart!! 

These chairs may seem a little boring compared to the previous ones, but they made them incredible with their background. Now, the wallpaper becomes part of the chair with that little cut out detail to make the chairs appear to have cushions in awesome color. This is such a well designed space. 

Elegance in a chair. The wood frame is stunning on its own. You could move this chair to any room in any house and it would work beautifully. 

One of my favorite chairs! It reminds me of a well-tailored men's suit- when worn it brings sophistication. 

When your room is white- you need bold contrast somewhere to make a statement or everything just blends in, but they added this bright colored chair with that graphic rug and it is stellar. (Can I use that word?!!)

The shape of this chair should be the first thing to catch your eye, but it isn't! Which is great, now it is the stripes and the shape. Double-whamy! Yes!!! 

Another chair that doesn't need a room to look good. Great fabric! I want to reupholster the world in that fabric. I wonder how expensive it was... the world needs it. 

Match my chair to my curtains? Okay! I want this chair right now. I need this chair. They definitely pulled this room together with those risky curtains by matching the chair. Oh and I bet they saved money on the upholstering since they had the fabric already. :) 

I love that they used black and white chair in a pastel room. I am not sure how comfortable it is to sit with a chandelier, but no judgement. Beautiful.
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