April 22, 2011

Stop the Worrying.

I found an amazing jewelry company based out of California. Dogeared. Their concept is that jewelry has a reason or a story. Right now, I have been thinking about Mother's Day... yes, Mom! I am in the middle of finals and STILL thinking about you. :) [she will appreciate that, as my biggest reader] I love this necklace. So if I find some extra cash it will be yours, mom.
And the worry beads--> my mom, ahem, used to give me worry dolls when I was little. This is the next best thing! A fashionable way to remind yourself not to worry- for each bead you rub it, think of a worry, and then let it go. I could use about ten of these bracelets now for finals.

"People use worry beads when they are fretting about something so they have an outlet for their nervous energy. Not to worry beads work for that, too, but you can also just wear them for fun, mixed, matched, or stacked! It's pretty hard to worry wearing something this cute..."

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