April 13, 2011

Easy Art.

Don't judge! The difficulty of this art is NOT what you think. Images in this screen are easier than they appear.
Newspaper, old books, any paper source with small print, and you could even hand-write it yourself. But we want easy, so newspaper is going to work best. Then find a white or black frame, with either white or black paper cut to size of the frame. All you have to do is cut uniform sized and shaped hearts from the newspaper (I would probably fold the newspaper as many times as I could still manage to cut through. If the second batch comes out uneven from the first, just don't place those hearts next to each other OR if they are way off then intermix them). Whew. Hard part over! Glue the hearts on, but notice here that they are all folded in half and glued different. Half of the heart on the right or left are glued down on random spots and some hearts are completely sealed onto the paper, so do that! Don't forget to leave ONE little gap for a red/pink Sharpie heart. This is where the artist in you really comes out, because you have to actually draw the heart. Okay okay, if you find a pink sticker of a heart I think that would be alright to use.
Now, the second one should be even easier since you have the hard part over with. Just cut about 3-4 sheets of newspaper at one time in a larger heart- no worrying about matching sizes here. Then, fold the hearts down the middle, glue the first heart completely to the back paper, glue the second paper only on one side, and glue the next 1-2 sheets with only one line of glue down then fold. Viola!
And now, your completed project would look IN-cred-I-ble in this office space. Creating this might prove to be a little more challenging than my previous disclaimer forewarned, oops. But we love it anyway.

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