August 25, 2011

I'm So Blue.

I'm so obsessed with blue. It could be that I've gone back to law school and the reading assignments are already piling up, or that I had to move away from my lover-dude for another year... now, I do believe color choices reflect your mood, but I don't think my desire for blue right now has any relation to my back-to-school-depression [especially since this year I actually get to take classes that are interesting to me- the reason for going to law school in the first place!]. Blue is just a beautiful color, a happy color, and as the images below will demonstrate-an elegant color! Light, dark, neon, it doesn't matter because every shade is gorgeous. 
That artwork is something I am going to strive to create this year. It is my new hobby/stress relief. Source

I really like how this space is neutral-ish and then they used just a little bit of large items in complete blue to make it stand out. Source.

I have been in love with this place setting since the day I saw it. I have never found anything to even start to look similar. Sad. Source.

The elegant;y vintage chic blue room. I can just imagine a poet or writer going to bed at night here by candle-light. SOO jealous of that writer and all those candle lights. Wait- I bet some old man lives here. Wasted Space if he does! Source.

Bright blue done right. (unknown source)

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  1. That mirrored console entry way is to die for! I want every single piece in my apt. ;)


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