August 3, 2011

I HATE Kitchens.

Yes, it's true. I get angry at the thought of kitchen decor because it is always so ugly. I don't hate kitchens because of their purpose- I absolutely love to cook and bake. I just think that when people design kitchens they assume it should look like a kitchen. Uh, no. It is part of your home and it should be decorated like your home. Why make hard seats and stark colored cabinets and counter-tops? In order for me to tag a kitchen it pretty much has to be spectacular. Here are a few awesome ones... 

I have always thought this was the best kitchen in the world. It is so homey. 

If I had to buy a kitchen right now, this is probably what I would pick. 

Perfectly rustic and chic. Mom, you need this kitchen. :) 

Quirky and fun. LOVE IT! 

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  1. Ummm yeah....gorgeous and so inspired now!!!

  2. you're sooo right! i don't think i ever had a "nice looking" kitchen. wonder where they got their yellow tv....

    = )

  3. I love these kitchens!! My favorite look is when there are no top cabinets, just open shelves. So pretty! btw totally agree with your comment on my post yesterday, when you said you consider stripes to be a neutral print. I do to. I consider zebra stripes to be a neutral print also (-although I definitely think it's possible to over-do that one!)

  4. Gorgeous kitchens! I love kitchens that feel like part of the home. Our kitchen is an enormous u-shape and we have the dining table in the middle which definately breaks it up. Now I just need to finish painting, add some curtains and art! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Love these is an extension of the rest of one's home and should reflect the personality..

  6. There is a HUGE variety in the ones you have selected - lots of different materials and themes. What they all have in common though, is personality, which just goes to show that you have illustrated your point extremely well!

    (especially love the first one...)


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