August 15, 2011

Back to Reality.

So before I actually jump back into reality, I am going to recount for my trip. Beach, books, relaxation, driving and family. It was fun. Now on to Bachelorette parties at Katy Perry concerts and my last year of law school- all while making jewelry and attending 3 weddings! Fun fun fun!!! 
Random surfer, but AWESOME photo.
Jellyfish on shore. I think these creatures are incredible and beautiful.
Underneath the Pier in Juno Beach. I risked the waters with my iPhone for this shot


The Siblings.

The ladies. Oh man, hair in South FL just doesn't work the same as it does in TN.

Almost the whole family. We think we are still missing half. But it's still nice to get a lot together for a shot. Left to right: Aunt Linda, Uncle Rocky, Aunt Janie, Mom Billie, Sister Chrissy, Cousin Jimmy, Cousin Eric, Granma Katy, Cousin Donna, Cousin Quinn, Cousin Daniela, Cousin Jason, Kids Brandon and Kayleigh... ME- yea in the bottom corner because I had to run from the camera. Oh and I was barefoot. Oops! 
Notice that THIS pier is the same one from the photo below in my last post. Well, it is but it isn't. They built a new one  recently and this is the new one but it is in the same area. I love it! 

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