November 2, 2011

Baby, I Like Your Chairs.

I am not usually all that "in" to putting nurseries all over my blog, as I do not have a child nor plan to have one in anytime coming within the next 10 years. However, this nursery is far superior to any baby-ish nursery you will find at Toys R Us (IF that is even where you buy nursery "equipment." Again, no clue, never done this. 
Anywho! Imagine this were your bedroom- and instead of crib it became a king bed, with pillows instead of monkeys (unless you just really like stuffed animals on your bed). I would also kill to have 6 of those chairs made for me to put up against a rustic gray, slab-of-wood for a dining table on black tile floors. 
Or maybe next to a white modern sofa in a living room with deep brown wooden floors.... Alright, you get the idea, but I could seriously go on for days about where I would put those heavenly chairs.  In fact, I might even take a nursery right now IF it came with those chairs (instead of the baby).

[I am going to find out where these chairs came from and update you later.]



  1. Completely agree - those chairs are incredible, especially against white walls with a vintage table!

  2. Those chairs are BEYOND gorgeous!! and that nursery is pretty swanky too!


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