May 10, 2011


I can never get enough inspirational color in my life. It is amazing how many shades of each color there are and how each shade and tone can match some newly discovered color that I find. Colors make me feel a certain way and I bet they have that effect on you, even if you haven't realized it yet, maybe now you will.
These colors remind me of Sunday: relaxed and rested.
I want everything in my life to be gold and sparkle like these nails. uh, i love.
Warm coffee, and a pale pink peony can turn anything into comfort.
And for the times when you need a little brightness and happiness, aqua and fuchsia are never a bad choice.

[source: bottom, third, second, top]

1 comment:

  1. AH! My wedding colors are the top two: peach and pale blue! AND it's on a Sunday. WIN!


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