May 19, 2011

Advanced Dreaming.

One of my close friends and I were discussing weddings today and it inspired me to share my favorites with you all. Although the cake here is pictured in purple... I think a blue would be spectacular too. I cannot remember where I stumbled upon this beautiful wedding gown, but it is made by an Australian designer, Collette Dinnigan. I will do whatever it takes to have a dress that has this same design/texture on top. The hair may seem a little wacko, but I think it is beautiful. Add in some flowers via this post. However, it is quite possible that I could change my mind about seventeen million times before ever needing to begin planning this day, so until then, I hope it inspires you some how. If you make a cake like this texture of lace and ruffles and flowers, pllllease send me a picture!!


  1. Lovely photos!!!Thanks for sharing!

  2. These pictures are quite lovely! I am so in love with that little bird. Precious!


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