September 12, 2011

In the Mode.

I feel like I am in wedding mode since I have 3 weddings this Fall. One down, two to go. It is a good thing that I love weddings so much. I have even considered wedding planning and catering since I love love love to cook, love to shop, love to make crafts, love to plan events and love to love. It really would be the perfect job for me. Maybe I could do divorces on the side... jk. The only bad thing... no Saturdays off. Good thing I don't like football that much. And I wouldn't have to wake up before 9am... hopefully ever. 

This dress is so pretty, but it is also pretty casual so it needed a barn and country floral cupcakes. Also, that linen towel over on the left, yea that's the invitation. LOVE IT!! 

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1 comment:

  1. I have a wedding coming up as well! Such a beautiful time of year for them! What a gorgeous round up!


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